Contagion - New Weapon, Performance and Restructure, and more update!

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SaFa 2013年11月27日 6時19分 
никакой логики в режиме сам за себя не вижу. убиение людей при зомби апокалипсисе когда хочет каждый выжить и совместно отбиваться от зомби. убогий режим. не зачёт разработчикам.
Sniper 2013年11月17日 15時16分 
Please cross-form... I'm waiting for it to be available on Mac
Paz 2013年11月16日 7時29分 
@Oceanshadow, The day this update went live we noticed a lot of players in extraction appeared as zombies with no animations, this affected at least 1 player per round..

Just a floating zombie skin holding their weapon and light pointing towards the ground lol
Oceanshadow 2013年11月15日 16時25分 
Continued* @Paz

Both games (I think?) are one of both Zombie Panic and No More Room In Hell developers, so they would have a very striking resemblance if they were on the old steam engine. Now both mods are not for everyone or Contagion, but I think the community very much like the trilogy of games up to this point :U. But anyways, No More Room In Hell is actually very similar to Contagion with the elements of so many zombies and head shots only; Contagion is still becoming a potential as the greatest successor of both mods.

Otherwise, the all the games are really great!

And that bug sounds strange, I haven't played for a little while so whats with the talk of zombie skins that look like Gegus on the cross pose?
Oceanshadow 2013年11月15日 16時24分 
@Paz, thing of Zombie Panic and No More Room In Hell, they mix together to make Contagion. Both mods are free and released on steam (No More Room In Hell recently). nmrih is still updating while being rough around the edges. Zombie panic is just as rough but is enjoyable to many people and needs to rarely update or not at all. Contagion, the mix, is an actual funded project of "The Contagion Team" that needed money to get where the game is in now: beta. It is cleaner and crisper with the new modified steam engine that allows better gameplay.
Paz 2013年11月15日 11時55分 
@Landshark, they are not the same game in the slightest ive played both and i hate "No Room in Hell" terrible terrible game.. this on the other hand has amazing potential and cant wait for its beta to end..

Anyway im not sure if anyone has mentioned this but are the DEVs aware that this new patch has caused player survivors to spawn on CX maps with a zombie skin and constantly stuck in a nailed jesus pose ?
Landshark 2013年11月14日 11時57分 
The biggest hurdle keeping me from buying this game is the low numbers of Zombies. I also play No More Room in Hell and there's TONS of zombies, but comparison it to Contagion...there's no comparison.

Also, No More Room in Hell is free, 100% free. I guess I just can't see a reason to pay for the same game.
Toby 2013年11月14日 11時23分 
Talk about overkill screen shake with that machete.
wolfie 2013年11月13日 21時08分 
to the creators of the game if possible can you add more modern guns to the game i see that you added a few modern melee weapons but i have not seen much on the guns
wolfie 2013年11月13日 21時06分 
i have it and i have to agree this can be a great survival horror game