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Ever Changing Gameplay
- Play alone offline or online with a friend(s) and other players. You begin your story as a survivor but how long until your taste buds hunger for flesh? Each round you’ll find the weapons, ammo, and item placements randomized. Played through a dozen times and think you got it all figured out? Our pathing and objective system complimented by the random spawning system will make each round completely unpredictable and for many have led to hundreds of hours of game-play. We didn’t stop there as we included an intelligent zombie spawning system that adjusts to the player’s actions, location, and difficulty setting. This goes far beyond an AI Director.

Unique Game Modes
- More than 3 Unique Game-Modes each including a vital smartphone app to help guide or provide important information to complete your goals. Find yourself in 8 environments that are always changing each round keeping things fresh and exciting (More on the way and all Free).

An array of weapons and tools
- Over 20 weapons where deciding which to use and when is a vital strategic choice. Not only weapons but helpful items to patch up, put out flames, and navigate other obstacles that require you sacrifice inventory space if you wish to proceed or unlock areas that may or may not have the ammo, first aid, or weapons you so desperately need (More on the way and all Free).

A dedicated team
- A Team dedicated to further optimizing, balancing, and including new content long after release not to mention 2 planned FREE DLC Bundles and working on both the Mac & Linux Platform (Including the Steam Machine) Also possible Oculus Rift support and much much more. One truly unique Zombie Survival Horror experience you can't find anywhere else.

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Hello Contagion fans!

We hope you had a fun Halloween, hopefully filled with more treats than tricks. Over here on Team Contagion we have been hammering away on another update. The big one here is restoring the maps to their non-scary pre-Halloween versions, albeit with a handful of fixes sprinkled into them here and there.

We've also addressed a recent crashing issue that was brought to light by our newest map, Montclair. Although it seemed to be possible in any map, it was most prevalent there. The fix involved optimizing how zombies are removed (well, specifically, some zombies were not being removed when they should have been). If you have been having crashing issues ever since the last patch, you definitely want to check things out now.

Hunted has been slightly modified as well. Now when you ping another survivors phone, nearby zombies will be attracted to the sound. We're hoping this should spice up all things hunted a little bit, as we've been having a lot of fun with it. We've also increased the radius that your phone can "see" other player's phones to accommodate the play style of larger maps.

There's lots more coming down the pipe, so keep your eyes pealed for more updates!

Also, just for anyone who hasen't seen it yet, don't forget to check out the soundtrack:

The sale may be over, but it's still a pretty hot deal for $1.99 in my opinion. I know I am biased, but really, check it out if you like the music in the game. There's a lot of stuff in the soundtrack that isn't in the game (yet!), and its all very good music. Plus, it's got that fantastic track from the trailer! I've run the numbers, and it's statistically improbable for you to lose on this deal.


Thanks again everyone, see you next time!

-The Contagion Team

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