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Champions, we're happy to say that, this week, we're going to be removing restrictions on the costume tailor for brand-new players. A while back, we made a change where new players creating characters get a much smaller selection of costume pieces to choose from, in order to streamline character creation.

Since that change was released, we've been keeping a careful eye on this, and how it impacts player retention. After sifting through the data, it's clear that it's better to re-open the tailor, so a new player gets the full Champions experience of a nigh-limitless list of costume pieces.

This is just part of our recent focus on quality of life changes. We’ve taken a few weeks to prioritize the player experience of the core game, and find ways to make Champions a little more fun. You can think of this as a short-term Bug Stompathon, except instead of limiting ourselves to bugs, we've tackled design choices as well.

For new players, the opened tailor is going to take their breath away, and they're going to really see all the potential for costumes in Champions.

For veterans, we've already released the Resource cap increase, which is going to really help the game economy work more smoothly. This week's patch should also include a fix to the map's zoom: You've probably noticed that in larger maps like Millennium City, you can't zoom out all the way, making some missions hard to find.

One of my old bosses had something he called the "emotional to-do list" -- things that you're committed to doing, but you don't know when you'll be able to get to them. It feels good to say that, for some of these changes, the day finally came.

We’re proud of these changes, and we hope you enjoy them. Make sure to keep an eye on the forums and blogs for all the latest Champions news!

-The Champions Online team
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