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A world that put trust into the hands of tyranny is one doomed to fail...

Project vigor, this was meant to be a new step for the world to embrace a life without disease or war, resulting in a better quality life and way of life for the world being able to rest easy knowing that many threats in our world could be erased by this wonderful piece of technology. However, unknown to the world, CyberCon had other intentions that they weren’t willing to share with the rest of the world.
They developed neuro-hub chips that became mandatory to implant into people upon birth using state of the art surgery that can only be descried as science fiction. CyberCon had permission to do so after their breakthrough technology was seen as a major milestone in modern science and everyday living. The neuro hub was a gateway to easier communication, enhanced capabilities to prevent against common disabilities as well as the foundation for the next step in human life.

Due to CyberCon’s struggle for morality and justice, 25 years after the distribution of the chips, CyberCon pulled the plug on the entire network of these chips. This caused a global disruption in the chips releasing a deadly chemical virus that leaks into the users’ brain and begins to take over the central nerve system and other important areas of the brain. CyberCon has a mainframe machine that temporarily “mind controls” the users. Because the machine isn’t at its maximum potential, the users remain in a “zombie-like” state and have very little, if not no control over their conscience. CyberCon, being the criminally evil geniuses they are, are unsure what their next step in this project of theirs is. They go on for weeks trying to make the morally right decision for the future of the human race, that is mostly now paralyzed in a freakishly zombie state.

You must learn and grow in order to conquer and slay this demon once and for all, the fate of world rests on your shoulders, do you choose to live or do you choose to join them.

Welcome to the BrainBread universe

Reperio Studios
BrainBread 2

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Server owners please update your servers!

  • Fixed proper lag compensation for melee!
  • Bullet penetration will now work properly with the new lag compensation system. (Lag compensates enemies behind solids in which the player can potentially penetrate through)

Players & Skills
  • AFK kick time will be refreshed whenever a player tries to drop or use inventory items, using a keypad, use any of the skill panels, voting and writing in the chat.
  • The firstperson body will no longer play a T-pose anim when you first join the game.
  • Fixed a bug which would prevent you from changing the skin/bodygroup of your hands & firstperson body unless if you changed team or changed the actual player model.
  • Fixed weapon pickup issues, you can now pickup weapons through clips, teammates and such. (Fixes weapon pickup issues in Salvage and other maps!)
  • Fixed a potential bug which would allow melee weapons to attack enemies through walls.

Sound & Music
  • FMOD will now be muted if snd_mute_losefocus is set to 1 and the game has no focus or if the game has been paused.

  • Added new HK-MP7 and Machete textures provided by 'El Negro'!


  • The Bandits spawning in the tunnel will respawn a bit faster.
  • Increased zombie spawn frequency for the last round.
  • Fixed nasty lighting in the open spawn room.

Last Stand
  • Moved Sawed-Off into the weapon armory locker.
  • Moved G36C into the weapon armory locker.
  • Removed REX from the weapon armory locker, you can now find the REX outside near the 'cannon'.
  • Fixed invisible windows bug.

Happy new year, folks!
- Reperio Studios
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