Blocks That Matter

Tetrobot and Co., first info and concept arts

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[$$$]_Walleyechampion795 20 апр. 2013 в 10:42 
Voomby 11 апр. 2013 в 14:00 
Loved BTM, so can't wait for this one.
Greyscar 8 апр. 2013 в 5:44 
Well, for what it's worth, I totally believe in you guys and just know you'll pull it off. ;-)
Captain Will  [Разработчик] 8 апр. 2013 в 1:08 
Thank you again for your feedbacks!
Hope we'll be able to, sort-of, prove that the control scheme doesn't change the interest of the puzzles :)
Dandaf 7 апр. 2013 в 6:24 
bien hâte d'y jouer. si c'est bon comme le premier; ouch!
AWG 6 апр. 2013 в 10:08 
@DarkNemo, my English is not very good and I can't probably explain what I really think. I'm not critizing your work, or saying I want you to add keyboard controls on a game natively designed for mouse control. What I'm saying is that - in my personal opinion - I can't believe that you decided to hugely alter the original interaction between the player and the game (i.e. no more many keyboard keys to press, let's just do everything with taps and slides) just without thinking at the mobile market as THE primary resource. But ehi I only read one single news and I can be wrong, and I'll be happy to be proved so. The game graphics look awesome and I'm sure the storyline will be great as BTM's one was. Still, as far as I love games like Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja, I would never buy those for my PC.
Kongoth 6 апр. 2013 в 9:38 
awesome :D
pango 6 апр. 2013 в 7:12 
I share reservations on hearing the game will be mouse and no keyboard. It may be coming out first on pc, but if its control system is designed to be easy on tablets and phones then I doubt it will feel optimal on pc.
FuKuy 5 апр. 2013 в 12:30 
Wow! I didn't know a sequel was in the works. Nice!!
Captain Will  [Разработчик] 5 апр. 2013 в 4:38 
The reality is more like "Let's make a better game than Blocks That Matter on PC and try to make it phones and tables friendly". Tetrobot and Co. wil be released on PC way before the touch devices versions, by the way.

When a game is designed for mouse controls (like Diablo, Starcraft, adventure games...), I think it's better to play this way. We'll see if we have keyboard or gamepad controls, but mouse will probably be better since the game has been designed for mouse control.