Arma 3

Arma 3 Tac-Ops DLC Mission Pack coming on November 30th

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Aegon Targaryen 50 minutes ago 
yeahhhh def not buying a fucking mission ya mongs
Slipeg 1 hour ago 
j..just fuck off, go fuck yourself with your shit. Why am i supposed to paid this fucking dlc when your game is broken ass fuck at this point with all those problem we are supposed to deal with it, give me some money dude. Make a brand new game with a new engine. Its just so annoying to play with a so broken game... pathetic. I am gonna play escape from tarkov Less fucked than your game ho wait... Every games is less broken than yours
Mr. V 5 hours ago 
ohh yeah, you won tget my money next time, sorry you just fucked all up!
Pvt. Partz Nov 17 @ 9:48am 
Who gives a flying fuck anymore, no more support from me. Not willing to fix the garbage that's been broken since day one, screw them!
Battle Maid Nov 17 @ 9:43am 
maybe BI should improve this godlike AI before releasing singleplayer content
AcidRatBag Nov 16 @ 6:46pm 
autistic warfare, but its all good as long as there are potatoes to count
Benjamin Syrsa Nov 16 @ 2:10pm 
no new weaponds? :(
Loafy Nov 15 @ 8:36am 
No hope for anything else in DLC bundle 2. I bought it immediately months ago expecting new
high quality content. Anyone can get great missions from Armaholic or the workshop.

Jets DLC is the only thing I feel I got something interesting out of so far.

For $40 I was expecting the developers to at least add one or two items of interest to the game.

Anyone could make a mission.

I'm at least hoping Tanks DLC adds two Tanks after all its Tanks not Tank.

If they get money hungry and want to release a DLC Bundle #3 I'm steering clear unless there is 100% confirmation of weapons being added.

Pure dissappointment.

No CO-OP (Arma 2 had COOP)

Another step backwards

Mods are the only hope for anything cool in Arma 3
Blindside Nov 15 @ 6:17am 
So far these missions have been amazing and a great deal of fun. Spent around 2.5 hours on one of the missions and still haven't finished it yet (on hard difficulty). Highly recommend this one =)
Blindside Nov 15 @ 6:11am 
@Шаста dude. Have you ever even bothered to mess with the settings? You can customize the AI skill. 1.00 skill and 0.20 accuracy is in my opinion the best setting for singleplayer.