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Welcome to ArcheBlade Official Group

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Welcome Archebladers,

Archeblade is a third-person view fighting game that users fight along with multiple players in real time. Users control one of several characters, each with a strong personality based on the fantasy novel 'ArcheBlade'.

Which character will you choose based on various attacking styles? Will you prefer to fight with a gun, a sword, a hammer, a scythe, or even a magic bullet?

It’s your call.

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Join the Discord Now![discord.gg]

Archeblade Discord
Archeblade now has an (un)official Discord server! A lot of the community is fond of communicating through the discord platform, so the dev team has set up a Discord!

This discord is your best source for staying up-to-date with the current development of the game!

You can talk about the game, get sneak peaks on what’s coming, and stay up to date with Archeblade’s development! On the discord, we have several community server hosts, news feeds on current game development, and a great community of people to hang out with. This server is a great place to meet with other Archeblade fans and many other great players of the game!

Join the discord here: https://discord.gg/M3ye9hs
Check out the forum post here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/207230/discussions/0/1621724915795774412/?tscn=1514401403

PS: For those of you wondering, the updates are coming soon!
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