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Welcome to ArcheBlade Official Group

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Welcome Archebladers,

Archeblade is a third-person view fighting game that users fight along with multiple players in real time. Users control one of several characters, each with a strong personality based on the fantasy novel 'ArcheBlade'.

Which character will you choose based on various attacking styles? Will you prefer to fight with a gun, a sword, a hammer, a scythe, or even a magic bullet?

It’s your call.

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We hope you guys are having a great weekend. Here are five of the fan artworks that we picked as our favorites. Again, this is based purely on our opinion, and we might have missed some other great artworks so feel free to leave a link below if you knows some good ones.

Number 5:
Valle stole our heart with her cute face here.
Number 4:
We all felt the same way at least once while playing AB, especially in Nagas Pit.
Number 3:
It has that 80's anime feels to it. Kudos to Minispartan for all his great works. You can check out the whole collection of his works here:
Number 2:
We loved that East meets West vibe going on in this artwork.
Number 1:
What can we say. Such a great work. Does anybody know who drew this? If you're the artist or you know the person who drew this, let us know by sending us an email to

PS: Click here to enter the random item giveaway event if you haven't already.
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