This Week's Character Rotation :)

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Myes 7 de Ago, 2013 a las 4:52 
3 things to say

1. This game is awesome

2. This game is awesome

and 3. This game is fucking awesome!
|200G| Hirukaru 5 de Ago, 2013 a las 14:31 
Paying for characters is so 2000. your running behind Archblade Devs. F2P should always be F2P Put in a Gold option or something and make all things able to earn with Credits or something (take a look at games from Wargaming)
Shiny 4 de Ago, 2013 a las 9:00 
Want help with ArcheBlade, contact me.
╬ Hakki Kitsune ╬ 3 de Ago, 2013 a las 6:35 
Why my name on ArcheBlade game still my Steam Profile name?
How to change it?
omid.sharifi00 2 de Ago, 2013 a las 14:42 
hi gusy im new mebere ,t0day i has been instaling this program steam and also download Archeblade but The game says "Could not load Steam stats" when I start it up, and retry doesn't help. Am I doing something wrong, or is this problem serverside? pls tell me what shull i do
HuntingScream[Wolchr]@ArcheBlade 2 de Ago, 2013 a las 10:56 
Maybe they include the ingame money system :o
JigglyTits 2 de Ago, 2013 a las 1:03 
man i really hope this game gets big... it's so much fun... just imagine, if it does get big, 50 character roster. if only the kickstarter funding didnt get canceled :[ probably would have donated a bit.
Onryu 1 de Ago, 2013 a las 7:53 
Kind of wish these characters would be included as training dummies.
Codebrush Games 31 de Jul, 2013 a las 22:26 
@Black Dahila Fixed! thanks.
Yummier 31 de Jul, 2013 a las 21:20 
Elika and Ridika released to the public. Let the trollin emerge.