[IMPORTANT] Thank you all Archebladers for your support.

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Saga ♠ Jul 27 @ 5:05pm 
Archeblade P2W, lowl. U made me laugh.
✰ ゲーム ✰ Jul 23 @ 1:08pm 
why ? ;_;
[•SL•] Pairplexus Jul 19 @ 2:57pm 
Why Thats my best game ever a part of my heart is broken now thats hurt so much :(
KnightWolfZero Jul 6 @ 5:43pm 
just got into it too.....
Kuzah Jun 22 @ 9:23pm 
Dropped by to check out the game after a long break and happened upon this announcement. It's sad to see it come to a halt. I wish Codebrush the best of luck in future endeavors and hopefully Archeblade will make a return.
Sugoi4Life Jun 17 @ 12:15am 
yo daog
Mitszy Jun 14 @ 2:23pm 
hmm, such a shame~ least codebrush is keeping the game still up. ^^
miva2 May 29 @ 4:32am 
Damn, and I just started playing. Was looking forward to it. Game looks awesome so far. Only did the tutorial and Practiced once.

Good luck Codebrush! Being indie isn't simple but make wise choices and it's the best there is! ;)
Haru May 28 @ 8:58pm 
if you would have the paysystem remained untouched, you would have had more users, but this pay 2 win crap gave you the last shot. bb archeblade, gonna play sometimes to pwn noobs on the users servers
okmol de grace{Royal} May 25 @ 3:02am 
Rest in peace Archeblade.