Thrid Patch will be released in few minutes.

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Stormi ² 2/abr/2013 às 15:18 
a very good game :) need more things in game pls, something to unlock like style gear weapons, heros, more abilitys and maps ;) level system,more hero skins and more from game :)
assassin09090 2/abr/2013 às 14:02 
everytime i try to play it it says im missing a crap load of binaries
The J 2/abr/2013 às 6:16 
I have questions.Do I need the Starter Pack to play? If not,is the game just not fully connecting or is there something wrong with mine?
Zieg 1/abr/2013 às 17:16 
I buy a character, but still I can not use u,u
Golden Curry 1/abr/2013 às 2:14 
Mtax, betas are tests. Ofttimes issues don't reveal themselves until you throw hurdles at them, like tons of users stressing servers, working with databases, etc. The term "beta" aside, issues like this can occur with finished releases. Codebrush acknowledged the problem and got to work on it, and beyond that they have been quite vocal with the community, so they're doing a great job in my opinion.
Mtax 1/abr/2013 às 1:11 
@MyuraNazo, @SilentDoom, but understand, that Codebrush must have something to pay for bread.
@Jay, you really should test things of that type before opening beta. ;/
[Codebrush] Jay 1/abr/2013 às 0:08 
@[CRS] Mushe We do read all threads on the hub.
Jazuke Taizago 31/mar/2013 às 21:34 
Not going to rant. But i'm going to let you know this. People spam a lot of attacks repeatively. The Shotgun Dwarf has his Jump Right Click abused. Consider some attacks, like his Jump Right Click. There's a lot of lacking and spams of same interval attacks. Make some of them cost SP, but cause a lot of interesting things. And more combos too. The Game looks very good, but it does not execute it well. It'll be interesting to see where you'll be going with this. Implement also a MOBA Style Mode, for the fun of it. Cause the game does response to Teamwork incredibly much. I checked after the Patch for the Game you did now. Was it for so we could purchase skins and the Starter Pack? Cause i can't get it. Keeps telling me to try again, since it wasn't successful. Fix it, please? If it does work for others. I'll try again a few times. If it still doesn't work. I'll ask you, the Devs. To help me. Want a Beevil Dwarf Cannoner.
Farks 31/mar/2013 às 21:11 
Lets get some real patches going here! Even though bug fixes are great.
Mambo Rat 31/mar/2013 às 20:59 
oh rats