Check out custom stories for Amnesia and get a chance to win a t-shirt!

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zdogg94 5. touko 17.15 
bro army all the way!!!!!!!!
darcjak 14. elo, 2013 23.51 
PewDiePie got me here as well.
fiocchetto_spuma 18. kesä, 2013 4.36 
Sugar Tits 4. helmi, 2013 3.51 
If you came here cuz of PewDiePie then leave a comment saying Bro Army!
PUUG!? 31. tammi, 2013 22.21 
Im here becuz of pewdiepie :D
,.l..--- (^o^)---,.l.. 24. marras, 2012 10.54 
Where can i get xustom storys ??
Sir Xeno 24. heinä, 2012 5.56 
This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content.
Rdugan90 23. heinä, 2012 8.39 
Just downloaded the complete Penumbra series off steam for $5. can't beat the summer deals
Chaz 27. touko, 2012 6.32 
WOW! Is it too late for the contest? Well anyway, good to be here.
Warrior 31. maalis, 2012 10.18 
i have this game on a disc non-steam and it is fantastic a really great scare, to tell people the truth there is nothing else like it