Alan Wake 1.02 update out!

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Snow 26 feb 2012 om 4:09nm 
In episode six, all Taken are visable to me. I can see them before they begin attacking. After the motel, I can see Taken at the bridge. I do not think this is suppose to happen?
Mihanick 23 feb 2012 om 9:56vm 
Japan Warrior 23 feb 2012 om 9:44vm 
He played in Alan Wake all be okay but the patch is always good)
But the American Nightmare wants to play = ( Please Remedy ..........
Nevermore 23 feb 2012 om 8:31vm 
Fantastic work guys on keeping it up to date. Game is fantastic! Keep this up and trust me, any DLC in future, we WILL buy it! This is how a company should run, keep the customers first!
Time rots everything. Even hope. 23 feb 2012 om 8:30vm 
Great news; thanks a lot for being so passionate and communicating with us so much, Remedy.