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AI War: Fleet Command

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AI War: Critically acclaimed co-op hybrid of RTS, 4X, grand strategy, and tower defense.

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AI War Facebook page
Arcen Games' Facebook page
Tidalis Facebook page
A Valley Without Wind Facebook page
Our community forums[]

Report bugs and suggestions on MantisBT[]
AI War web IRC[] / / #aiwar

What is AI War and Why Would You Want to Play
We've got a summary on our features page[] as an introduction to what AI War offers.

Free Trial Demo, and Stance on DRM
We do have a demo[] that restricts a campaign length up to three hours with simple ship types and easier AI difficulties. You can play as many campaigns as you want with any expansions even in multiplayer while being able to activate the trial into the full game by simply inputting the serial keys in the options menu without having to redownload the client. Any game you were playing while in trial mode can be resumed after activation.

Our games have absolutely no DRM as we believe they are neither effective nor convenient. Standalone keys can be registered on Steam if you made your purchase elsewhere (it may take a month or so for new products to be recognized).

Questions or Feedback? Community Forums and Bugtracker
If you've got a question about our game or our development studio, please feel free to pop over to our forums[] We have a friendly and active community that often discusses about game balancing and posting up tales of joyous victory or sudden defeat on our After Actions Report[] forum, and our developers are always on the lookout for technical support or direct inquiries.

If you've got suggestions on the game itself or found a bug, please visit our bugtracker[]. Give a quick search first before you make a submission to lighten the load on the moderates there.

More Information
Please visit our website at for more information on both AI War and its expansions, and our other games. Use the dropdown menus toward the top to navigate.

Arcen Games Official Site
AI War Official Wiki
Arcen Games Forum

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[/url]AI War Facebook page
Arcen Games' Facebook page
Our community forums[][/i]
Report bugs and suggestions on MantisBT[]
AI War web IRC[] / / #aiwar

Most of Arcen's titles are on promotion over at GamersGate with heavy discounts; you can find them all with this search term[]! GamersGate does provide serials that can be registered on the Steam platform too, and as usual with games by Arcen, they can also be ran standalone.

Thanks to Vivisector 9999 for the heads up.

AI War 2014 Collection (up to Vengeance of the Machine): $3.40 USD
AI War: $2.00
Any single expansion: $1.00
Children of Neinzul: $0.40

Skyward Collapse Collection: $1.40
Bionic Dues: $2.00
Shattered Haven: $2.00
A Valley Without Wind 1 & 2 and soundtrack: $4.00

The *NEW* Winter 2014 AI War Sortie Bulletin topic at the community hub is a place to find other players.
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