Age of Chivalry


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Mister SKeleton 14 февруари в 7:45 следобед 
Its really sad to look at this old game and see that its most recent announcement was from 5 years ago with a comment section that hasn't been touched since last year.
CL4P-TP 2 ноември 2016 в 2:45 следобед 
is there a difference between this and age of chivalry
Sir Colten | 3 август 2016 в 3:29 следобед 
Oh, what a game this used to be... Now its a game full of body glicthing, 360 dancing, Jedi masters.
Seek Solace In Cheese 31 юли 2016 в 6:43 сутринта 
age of chiv, rip. you were great
cake | neecore~♥ 20 февруари 2015 в 11:10 следобед 
RIP Age of Chivalry
THOTH 22 декември 2014 в 12:38 следобед 
If you enjoy dumbed-down swordplay, coupled with a bland community and elitist Developers and clan leaders, this game is for you!