Ace of Spades - 75% Sale & GameBlast

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_kakaxa_ Apr 7 @ 3:26am 
Очень крутая игра!
hbs7130 Apr 2 @ 4:53am 
한국사람 없나용?
DragonMightEat Mar 23 @ 5:42pm 
can you do a 75% off?
_Plazma_Dragon_ Mar 21 @ 6:31pm 
for sure i saw this game after the sale and its amazing!!! plz do like a 60 percent off sale or 50 plz i really want this game
MekOzy Mar 13 @ 2:38am 
We want more 75% sales.
·٠•●STIBRA●•٠· Feb 25 @ 1:26am 
пошли нахуй
Big J McNasty Feb 23 @ 10:43pm 
Rancho the 4pack gives u 4 copies. You can keep one for yourself and gift the other 3 to your freinds. I really don't think the game is worth it even at such a discount. Its honestly better to just buy another game.
Rancho Feb 23 @ 6:36pm 
What is the difference between the game and the game with the "4- Pack"?
One costs 3.74 and the other one it's like 11... Why?
Big J McNasty Feb 23 @ 3:37pm 
Id like to just say to everyone thinking about picking it up during the sale, I wouldn't if I were you. The game isn't very fun, and isn't very polished. In fact the game feels like a beta, except it was more fun in beta. I played this game and tried to like it, in fact it was my first purchase on steam, but I just can't get past its flaws.
Doc Robotnik Feb 23 @ 12:30pm 
SensoryMango, we have had Ace on sale all weekend to support the Gameblast charity event for Special Effect, an excellent, deserving charity you can learn more about here:

Valve were kind enough to give us front page visibility during the final day of the sale to help us reach a wider audience. 50% of profits from the sale will be going to charity, so we're grateful for their support.