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Hi guys. We wanted to let everyone know that we're preparing a significant update for October which will introduce a lot of cool improvements and new content for the abyss. We want to keep some of these updates as a surprise, but we'd like to share some of the added features so you have an idea of what's coming next in the game.

Please note that these improvements are being developed in addition to the changes that will be introduced during the next mask phase, so there's a lot of bonuses scheduled for the near future!

Some of the major developments that we are already working on are:

-Online PvP: We're including online support for the versus mode so players can finally challenge other players from all around the world. The developments also contemplate expanding the existing roster.

-Net code improvements: To ensure the PvP experience is at its best we're also improving the net code, so online support for the main campaign will also display important enhancements.

-Refined gameplay mechanics: We're still not done improving the gameplay based on your feedback! We've changed the turning mechanics so the movement feels much more natural and allows for better navigation. This is one of the changes that was requested the most by the community.

We hope you look forward to the changes and remind everyone that this just a portion of what’s planned for the game. There’s still a lot of great ideas we have to make the game better so stay tuned for future developments.
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