America's Army 3

America's Army 3 is a HUGE success

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Mobman777 9 июн. 2012 в 15:59 
say i havnt updated punkbuster and its not letting me go on multipleyer
esteban_3040 9 фев. 2012 в 21:58 
hey can someone tell how to start playing AA3
NightHawk 9 дек. 2011 в 20:07 
They updated it and its horrible!!!
juandiegogonzalez2009 14 окт. 2011 в 11:59 
Tabitubby 24 сен. 2011 в 22:02 
I just got this game today, and its pretty cool. To bad they'e abandoned updating it. Still fun though
Tovariche Maletksy 5 сен. 2011 в 23:32 
When are the new Tiers gonna come out cause its been pracctically years now ive lost so many accountants to hackers and well i was a Major seargent and fuck i got hacked :(
Terminator 17 апр. 2011 в 11:43 
yep that is why i deleted it my friend could not join multiplayer because of punkbuster
Jesenice geto 7 апр. 2011 в 11:14 
Greate gameplay, but there are just too many bugs and glitches. Teamwork is what makes this game epic. :)
Rab/b/itmeizer 23 янв. 2011 в 7:12 
yea, lots of lags. but, aa3 team is realy lazy tough. they can't make M9 onto the game, first solidier weapon.
NightHawk 18 янв. 2011 в 18:04 
nice game but a lot of lag!!