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The Red Solstice

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8-player co-op strategy/RPG set on Mars during The Red Solstice

In The Red Solstice you control one of the eight space marines that are trying to find out what happened to human colonies on Mars during the huge storm called The Red Solstice. The mix of a dark and gritty Science Fiction setting and addictive adrenaline filled gameplay - based on advanced tactics and quick decisions at the same time - makes for a great atmosphere and gameplay experience.

The Red Solstice

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Other then making tons of changes and bufixes, we would like to point you all in direction of our new game just in The Red Solstice style!

Solstice Chronicles: SURVIVORS

As always join our community at discord and participate in games!

- fixed SINGLEPLAYER loadout selection
- reworked ailments, now only 1 type of ailment can be given per hit
- fixed ailments that were never given in some cases by some creatures
- trash mobs like swarmer and desecrator will not give ailment at all, parasite has 100% chance to give ailment
- toxic barrels will no longer damage followers
- fixed bug that caused monsters to glitch in certain situations with taunt making them easy to kill
- final evac will spawn hellspawns on the way to dropship in military
- ACE will now deal 100% damage on outer edges instead of 30%, does 50% damage to friendlies
- monsters that are killed by fire will become black(burned)
- fixed targeting systems tooltip(rounded to int)

- fixed tooltip for vanguard
- vanguard cooldown set to 50sec when shield is destroyed
- vanguard gives +25% attack speed to user for any vanguard inside 10meter radius
- vanguard taunts all creatures every second every 1 second while active

- fixed marauder infinite range bug
- TacNet bullet will slow monsters for 8-40% for 1sec on hit

- terminator explosive teleport radius fixed

- increased nano heal so it heals up to 300 hp
- increased healing gun so it heals max up to 140hp

- specialized ammo sttack increased to 4
- antivenom stack increased to 5, antivenom now gives 90sec immunity to poison ailments
- Flare Gun will drop instead of Road Flares from lockers now
- nanites have maximum stack of 2, they heal all ailments and marine fully

- insurgent marksman range reduced from 140 to 115
- hunter seeker damage reduced by 40 per difficulty and and slow effect by around 10%
- added new creature "Black Holer", you can recognize him by very fast green smoke, he does AOE ailments on hit
- black holer has 20% chance to appear after wave 2 on any difficulty under veteran squad ranking

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