The Isle

Growth System Upgrade & New Damage Model

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Beyonder jan. 25., 22:56 
So those are the official health?
WhitepawTheGamer jan. 8., 11:55 
its there game they do what they do not leave them be
|EoR| ※ Rez Me Pls jan. 8., 9:11 
I knew it , U will not update carno .. ._. Give it a update ! To carno ... it still has 1800 Hp , it shuld have 2225 ! Or aroudn that like a Sucho ! I know it isnt were that strong in reality But Its Really usefull for now .. Update it Please! Everybody goes giga or rex..and spino , and completly ignores Carno becuse its weak
Stalker jan. 7., 17:16 
I KNEW IT some dinos CAN go past 1.0. Guess that translates to dinos gettings stronger the older they get, like elder dinos being stronger than young dinos.
lonemushroom jan. 7., 12:16 
holy shit the puertos damage though at 1
hemeryck.catillon jan. 6., 11:50 
why this game is unvailable on my computer?
Walnut🌰🌰 jan. 6., 8:25 
Unable to grow past .6 or .8 depending on species. Allo spawns with hardly any food and water.
aDvIzOr! jan. 5., 18:16 
nesting isnt really worthwhile atm for any dino takes just as long almost and u get crap stats
Rusty Beams jan. 4., 15:10 
Is anyone else having trouble with bone break/ bleed or is that not a thing anymore?
LilBaneling jan. 4., 14:46 
I can not be a sub rex or a rex if i am nested!