The Isle


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Twilightfeatherplays 1月10日下午6:30 
My game won't change the camera direction, It says to press enter but when I do it opens the chat, Please help
[FLoFF] A.atokensis 1月10日下午2:34 
Good, those Giga roars made my headphones crackle!
B-Ras 2016年12月26日下午4:34 
Plz Take back the old Vegetation to V3, the new is terrible!!
0xmatt 2016年12月23日下午7:01 
Wow! so amny amazing updates recently! I'm having a problem with Night Vision not turning on? I use a Mac computer.
Tundra 2016年12月23日下午5:50 
Game is having some serious fuckin issues here...
Elif_Zefkeil 2016年12月23日下午4:23 
my game isnt running on my computer someone help :(
Sane The Sinner 2016年12月22日上午11:56 
its already out
TheGamingDino 2016年12月22日上午8:02 
when is the V4 coming out?
mata 2016年12月22日上午1:25 
and once you get to rex there aint any shit to do except bathe in your power
mata 2016年12月22日上午1:24 
i like the idea of the nesting system but not even looking at this game until y'all make it so i dont have to afk in a bush for 3 hours just to play as a goddamn raptor