The Isle

December Update

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raptorkil 24 JUN 2017 a las 15:22 
@expert troll damn
raptorkil 24 JUN 2017 a las 14:01 
@mata exactly how I feel on this. If all classes were balanced, we wouldn't see 10 apexes per 2 first tiers, we'd see a pyramid with an apex on top and most players on the bottom tiers. But that doesn't happen, because people just wait out the first 5 hours instead of playing the game. Because they have no defense mechanisms against the people who've already waited out.
Progression between tiers should be harder but survival should be more manageable. You should still be able to enjoy playing as a lower tier. Hunting should be about strategy, hiding, timing, not kill on sight because your dinosaur has objectively better stamina. Maybe you'd have to hunt a certain amount of dinosaurs before you can progress so people can't just wait it out, and be forced to actually play. There are middle tier good dinosaurs that I wish I could enjoy playing but can't because I'm so outmatched.
Kamunyak 14 ENE 2017 a las 7:40 
You made the game, you made my dream come true. Thank you! Love you all!
Deathslayer2481 13 ENE 2017 a las 16:07 
Dondi, the reason that people liked sandbox mode is that many people do not have hours to play the game, and those who do are USUALLY children. Children have plenty of hours after school is over to go onto a game and play for hours on end, but children are also well known for their toxicity when it comes to being a community, just look at undertale or fnaf's fanbases. By removing sandbox mode, you basically removed the ability for about 80% of all adults to advance anywhere in the game. I know that I am not a critic or anything of that sort, but having either a sandbox mode, or a mode where the conventional leveling system goes faster, would make the game more accessable.
TL;DR I like the idea of the game and where it is going, but I feel like it may halt much of the hatefulness that is given by making the game more accessable by an adult crowd.
angie123 28 DIC 2016 a las 10:58 
what do u play the isle on?
Paraiyan 26 DIC 2016 a las 19:50 
The comment below mine is the perfect example of why Dondi's post is legitimate. People just post their opinions without considering how much the dev's have had to tolerate. People like ol Archerus are so entitled that they can't understand why the moves are made, incapable of seeing the whole picture. Do you know how much time developers of triple a games put into their skins and models. Do you cry to bethesda for having an entire team of people working on models for weeks or even months? No. Just be mature, I know it's a big request for the internet, and let people work on their projects how they see fit.
Ziox 25 DIC 2016 a las 18:42 
Man, I know how you feel... I tried some things and people gave me crap over it. I respect you standing up to the community though, and I'm still playing this game even if all the servers go down and updates stop going up... I will sit on the Menu screen and sketch out Dinos on my sketch pad.
Pajamina 25 DIC 2016 a las 18:17 
I've played this game for a good 7-9 months or so I'm not exactly sure and I'm so proud of the game and the way it's turning out. It started as a simple sandbox on V2 and grown into the beautiful game it is today. I hope it continues to grow well in 2017.
Raven Realms 24 DIC 2016 a las 13:16 
Oh my word, just read my comments back so sorry for spelling mistakes XD
Susu 24 DIC 2016 a las 12:30 
As a girl who loves Dinosaurs since childhood and games wich includes animals, monsters and openworld... this hurts to read. I feel sorry for you and for all people who really looked forward to this game.. i still do.
It´s just..i know what you mean with mentally exhaused.. i don´t know what to write.
Humans are strange...
Peace and happy holidays
P.S.: I´m going to wait and hope to see more progress :)
maybe you need a trip to an dino-adventure park to get motivated again ^^