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Pokemastrmorgan 8 dec 2016 om 16:12 
I know you guys are really busy, but could you do something about the veloci bug where it just freezes when you rest(or crouch) so many times (thx if thats already taken care of)
Spring Bro 944 8 dec 2016 om 7:56 
The black plague 7 dec 2016 om 16:36 
how about adding 10 mins of not being able to get spawned killed i work alot an dont have 24hr to just sit an play an just now i spawned in as a giga just to have 3 kos me for no fucking reason its cancer to the an thats how games die like this one new playeres wont wanna play since carno prgression takes to damn long i do love the game tho but something has to give
RedForce 7 dec 2016 om 0:17 
If there is a pak of 4 or more giga's, there just dominating the server ._.
Paraiyan 6 dec 2016 om 22:33 
Wow, you guys are worst than sandbox complainers. I get pointing out bugs, but whining constatntly about the stats on dinos, that aren't finished yet, is just childish. State your thoughts in a short concise manner, be mature, and move on.
ajdscampbell09 6 dec 2016 om 22:16 
keep up the hard work Dondi and crew. this game is awesome and addictive, ive died a trillion times but i keep coming back for more. these haters have obviously never played any of the darksouls series or they are around the age of 12, i also have a felling alot of these are the Shants getting killed by Gigas. just my opinion.
MunchyMantis 6 dec 2016 om 21:16 
congratz, giga has made the game shit since it came out. constant rubberbanding when one even approaches, hell i dont need to worry about one sneaking up on me! i know the fuckers near the moment i rubberband. stego cant even defend itself against them, theyre whiping out rexes and spino too. be nice to add the damn swimming back before thinking of adding a damn fisher dino anyways. trike dont even have a bleed even though it PLANELY states this on its wikia pg. wish you all would fix the current dinos before adding new ones.... game is just broke at this point. 20 bleed for ANYTHING is op, if its gonna have high bleed, then frankly it should NOT have a large op health. it makes it impossible to deal with KOSers these days and ive been seeing fuckng gigas face tank even the fucking rex, and go strait into a stego and come out fine simply because of their damn health and bleed. these things are far too OP
RazorRex_31 6 dec 2016 om 19:05 
only if my isle would work i could complain about it too :(
Hideous 6 dec 2016 om 18:51 
How about instead of this half-assed ambush system (with no cooldown by the way) we have a system in place where the more stamina you have, the faster you run. every dino will still have a max speed, but now the longer you keep running the slower you start to run. It doesn't make sense that crouching somehow gives you a boost in speed. Your speed should scale with your stamina.

oh and give utah and carno more speed what the fuck were you guys thinking.
Kenzie-Roo 6 dec 2016 om 18:35 
Wishing that they can bring in the progression system in so that its not a pain in the ass to get to t-rex. Im done wasting hours.