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Gadzooks 4 Dez, 2016 às 17:54 
@WaterStorm - tried putting medium or epic post processing and then try n, Warning tho - dont go near the sand areas your eyes will explode XD

or do this then medium - epic post processing and try again
Commodore Reginald Van Winslow 4 Dez, 2016 às 16:39 
im having a huge problem with night vision. Every time i press n nothing happens, and its not the options either. Little help?
Kira Deathwing 4 Dez, 2016 às 6:33 
@Oxmal and to anyone else who is having bad times with Nightvision here is the fix I fould Stop putting you graphics on Low The only one you need to have on epic is Post Processing. It not the games falt you put the game in the lowst setting know is it. Have a day. And how I know this I was have the same hush but I did not have to del any save folder bullsh*t that all you have to do. I'll Say it agean so you all can Hear me ~start to yell~ "ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS PUT POST PROCESSING IN EPIC TO MAKE NIGHTVISION WORK." ~stop yelling~ anyway thought that would be nice to everyone that think going to google or youtube always work b/c it does not some of us have probles reading aka Myself so finding the shit you need is hard and .... I dont like looking things up b/c it never gives me what I am look for... bye all hope that helps with Nightvision
Mastercat™ 4 Dez, 2016 às 2:02 
@Oxmal nightvision DOES WORK, if you had bothered to try Google the answer for it not workin. You have to delete your save folder in TheIsle folder to make some updates that need new controls to work
aDvIzOr! 3 Dez, 2016 às 23:36 
@Killerrbbitjc your probly new and thats great but this game already has a progress save feature so you can pick the game up later and play. The Devs dont think you will spend 11 hours a sitdown but trust me when i say people do everyday as sad as that sounds, I was one of em XD. Once all the features like AI,fishing, growth, nesting and corpse carrying youll understand the plan and finnally all the human options to come you'll understand
Blackwolf224 3 Dez, 2016 às 20:30 
Please have the carnivore progression not so time consuming, not everyone is able to spend all day or half a day just to get to a certain dino or they lose interest in the game due to taking way to long. Then once you do get to that certain dino you get killed off easily by herbs or kosers and lose both dino an progress pnts. Other than that the game is fantastic, just playing carnivores is more of a chore then rewardarding and too long to get to unlike the herbivores.
0xmatt 3 Dez, 2016 às 20:28 
Holy heck, where's the fixed night vision?
sdmustang6 3 Dez, 2016 às 20:25 
hay dondi good job on this game but plaes for the love god plaes make progerssion system eseyer. look i like some herd things in a game but its not a herd game if its just you on the pc for half the fucking day trying to get to the spino and dieing by some fucking kid kosing and carebaering any 1 he sees. hill just the fact that i have to play the game for half the day or more mede me stop playing the isle and made me wait for sandbox to come bake the first time progerssion came to the game. so i ask you make it less time to get to the newist dinosaur. and to till us what day is sandbox comeing bake not asking for it to come bake just asking [what day is it comeing bake] love the game just not the time it take from my day just to play as a new dino
Ghost Spore 3 Dez, 2016 às 20:13 
@Derpy_Kitten thats why you can SAVE your dino and come back the next day
Chubby taco 3 Dez, 2016 às 20:02 
When will giga come?It is so long after the rumor of the giga's released speard out.Make it fast!