The Isle


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IwALTEr1994I 2月1日上午5:09 
In the forest that is in the location -100,400 dinosaurs are locked in the wells of the lakes or in the trees, could they fix that?
Jack 1月26日下午1:09 
has allo benn fixed?
Sarmatus 1月25日上午4:39 
I´ve benn patient but its now almost two weeks since it came an update. Fix at least something major like Bleed/Bones, Herbis, Nesting, OP Spino ....
fofable 1月24日下午2:37 
fix bleed ./ this game sucks now without it
Funereus 1月24日上午4:57 
The biggest problem (to me at least), is that it is now quite impossible to play as bigger herbivores, because they keep starving to death. Only herb which can somehow defend itself from predators and not starve is trike, and all the time it must be eating huge amount of plants. So much, that E-pressing finger gets cramps. And because there is no much big herbs which could defend themselves, big carnivores are dominating servers.
Sarmatus 1月24日上午2:56 
If youre night vision doesnt work check if youre post processing is set on max settings.

aDvIzOr! 1月23日下午4:17 
spino needs a small speed nerf it should swap current speeds with rex in my opinion
blueraptor101 1月23日上午10:35 
what about eating pues
♛♥Cookie♥♛ 1月23日上午9:09 
Night vision still broken
Uncle Dad 1月23日上午6:09 
jussame Dont belive everything you see on the web the spino is faster then the rexes ambush speed just sprinting..