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Fixed: Render Target Memory leak causing the progression screen preview to keep rendering even if you have left the menu, causing permanent game frame drop of 5 - 10 FPS.
Added Utahraptor lifecycle blueprints (prototype phase).
Adjusted Carnotaurus weight masses for survival.
Adjusted Rex juvie and subadult weight masses for survival.
Added various animation updates to accommodate the hatchling and juvenile Utahraptor.
Added testing region map to replace Region2 and be the baseline for all testing.
Added various new custom grasstypes, foliagetypes, and utilities for the materials.
Fixed materials and added two new global ecosystem materials for re-use.
Fixed broken reference in Cliff_01 shader.
Fixed: Testing Region Map. Connected Ultra Dynamic Sky + Start Point + Built Geometry / Texture Streaming Data + Added to Host List.
Fixed: Foliage Tool Redirectors
Fixed: MOTD makes you unable to move when you close it
Fixed: Progression menu formatting error for requirements.
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