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Pounce Mechanic
Austroraptor and Utahraptor Pounce has been re-enabled. We are still working on balancing and stamina mechanics. Such as a dinosaur being slowed more depending on the number of dinosaurs pounced on it.

New: Replay System

Ability to record replays and play them again from any camera angle.
This works by dumping network traffic to a file and you can play it back.
Hit T key to start recording, and T again to stop. (This is called 'Push to Talk' in keybinds and it will get its on seperate key later on)
Go to the main menu and then select a replay.

Features In Later Updates: Rewind, Fast Forward and Time Scrub a Replay.
These are great for reporting bugs and solving problems as you can just send the devs a copy of a replay file.

Replays are saved in: %localappdata%\TheIsle\Saved\Demos

Client Side Recorded Replays will only have data within replication distance ( around 2 km ) of the dinosaur recording.
Server Side Replays will be coming soon and that will record all traffic on the server regardless of the distance.

Please leave feedback in the discord under channel #replay-testing.

Bug Fixes
Changed attenuation type on Anky front steps, added more effects to Austro latch animation.
Fixed Camara unable to switch between skins, updated Grey Camara skin.
New: Started Upgrading the remaining UI Elements to the new User Interface on Host Menu, Message Box General / Message Box Large.
Fixed: Checkbox Button hover and pressed states was malformed.
Austro + Utah Stamina Changes. Utah now causes bleed damage on pounce attacks.
Added: Replays will automatically stop recording when quitting the game and logging out to allow for complete replays to be saved.
Added: Replay Auto Recording / Record Indicator Icon.
Added: Ability to toggle hud visibility when watching a replay.
Improved: MOTD System, Servers now read the Message of the day from /TheIsle/Saved/MOTD.txt
Added: Character Limit to MOTD + Chat Messages for better Server Stability.
Enabled: Audio Thread. (Improved: Game Performance)
Fixed: Replication distance for Admin / Spectator Tool. It should show all dinosaurs on the map regardless of where it was activated.
New: Sprint key will now increase the camera speed of the replay camera.
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