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- Fixed: Dinosaurs going through the growth stages had a bug that caused their character state to get corrupted causing all their stats to reset and death.
- Fix to Dryo spawn volume (CharacterSpawnVolume4).
- Added various dinosaur skins and set up basemaps.
- Updated broadleaf forest, added lakes.
- Updated juvenile growth on herrera/galli not working.
- Updated Hypo bite damage type.
- Updated spinosaurs juvenile health values and growth time.
- Updated Minimum Required Nvidia Driver Version.
- Game is now built on Shipping mode for non-dev branch builds this prevents a bunch of exploits and dev related functionality. It also allows the game to run faster because its not recording stats / slowly checking game data.
- Fixed: Dinosaurs that progress using growth started at max size instead of the correct starting size.
- Added Carno and Diablo skins.
- Added various skins, fixed Anky normals.
- Made broadleaf trees edible by Pues.
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