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Update v8.4 Tiny Epic Western DLC, UI Overhaul, In-Game Screenshots & More!

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Mechazoid Apocalypse 2016년 12월 26일 오후 5시 30분 
I would like a way to save the game quickly without having to manually find the save file you are using and click overwrite.
Firesworn 2016년 12월 22일 오전 9시 59분 
All I wanted was for this game to be 75% off I thought that would happen during the christmas sale but nope oh well guess I'll spend the last of my steam wallet elsewhere *sigh*
Alfy 2016년 12월 21일 오전 7시 41분 
I didn't mention: as Ed said, grid does actually look nice. The reason I'm missing list as an option is when browsing through a lot of content: it just goes a lot faster. But grid is certainly nicer on the eyes with the thumbnails (be patient, it took a few minutes for all the thumbnails to load for me).
Unreal Ed 2016년 12월 21일 오전 7시 11분 
@Ryan, maybe wait a bit before commenting, or look at the chat box, coz it downloads all the thumbnails for the mods and replaces the question marks with them, which is much better than just a boring text list like we had before.

I'm with @Alfy that there needs to be a big "save" button that is different from the "see all your saves" button.
Alfy 2016년 12월 21일 오전 4시 36분 

Finally, I'm not fond on how much digging I now have to make to look for my stuff. I prefer scrolling to multi-pages or multi-depth menus. But I think there are some kinks here that just need sorting out: I can scroll down page by page into my workshop menu, but I can't go back up and have to click on the arrow to do that. For the workshop menu specifically: the new look would be welcome as an addition rather than a replacement. I'd love the option to see my content by list or by grid, but being stuck in grid view isn't actually nice.

Alfy 2016년 12월 21일 오전 4시 35분 
Tried the new UI, and I'm not impressed.

I understand what BG was going for: a minimalist UI that does not detract from nor clash with the game on the screen. It's a good idea, but as they stand, the icons are just not meaningful enough: I keep waiting for the tooltips to make sure qhat I'm clicking on. They probably need redesigning (and by the way, they do clash badly with the UI at game start, as that has not been redesigned).

As everyone else, I have had problems figuring out how to save my game: that's a major issue. It's an essential function, and it should be one of the most accessible function. If the UI is going to be smaller and less intrusive, why not take the leap and add a clearly labelled button just for that purpose? It will be a life savior for all newcomers.
crybaby 2016년 12월 20일 오후 10시 33분 
why is exit game off the esc menu. are you mad? have you lost it?
crybaby 2016년 12월 20일 오후 10시 25분 
hate this new UI. the way the new save/load works is unintuitive as all get out. the new top bar should simply have an option for text rather than icons and preferably some transparency/color options too if you want to actually improve it. going through page after page of giant question mark boxes in my workshop mod sucks and leads me to believe the creators of this game dont understand how people actually use it.
Scrimmy Bingus 2016년 12월 20일 오후 8시 17분 
"clean and streamlined" is a bunch of BS buzzwords that mean "we hate useful UIs". hamburger menus are design nonos 101. you just made it take MORE clicks to get the same stuff. also black and white simplistic icons are a sign of lazy artists. bring back the nice detailed colour menu elements. not every game needs to like a damn mobile app
erichermit 2016년 12월 20일 오전 1시 09분 
I had a lot of complaints about the new UI at first but the recent hotfixes have completed redeemed it for me, thank you, it works nicely now