New table, locked objects, and sale - Oh my! Update v1.6!

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ub3rwarrior Jun 6 @ 9:40am 
@Star-X I have already made a wargame prototype with some friends, and I am also finishing a Warhammer 40k based D&D campaign.
Synteks Jun 3 @ 11:09pm 
Nice update! Would love to see the ability for admins to grant object spawning premissions to players still though.
Star-X Jun 2 @ 9:30pm 
Great update, Warhammer is looking closer and closer to being doable on this game!

Just one thing: multiple piece pickup picks up the pieces into a gigantic pile :( Would it at all be possible to have an option to move pieces relative to their original positions, so that formations of units can be maintained?
Kimiko Jun 2 @ 11:26am 
@ThatGuy - Fixed in next patch ;)
ThatGuyWhoLikesTrains May 31 @ 8:34am 
Great update, but theres one problem i'm having. When you delete an object, some weird shaped selection box randomly appears.
hihi1210 May 30 @ 6:08pm 
got it on humble store
nice game
Rirath May 30 @ 2:49pm 
I knew this would go on sale right after buying two copies. ;) Oh well, worth the extra $6 for the fun I've had this week.

Great update guys, and just want to say, I really appreciate the frequency of these updates! Ideally, frequent updates are the best part of early access software. Thanks!
Nagel May 30 @ 1:59pm 
Yeah custom dices plus directional pegs, those would be nice too - just add an arrow to the base or something to see where the peg is facing... well all that becomes obselete once we got 3d model modding ^^
DoctorNny May 30 @ 1:57pm 
Also, stacked cards you highlight jsut shoot up into the air. What possible reason is there of that?
DoctorNny May 30 @ 1:46pm 
Still no custom dice... The one feature that I want the most :(
But I LOVE the new component Lock.