Introducing Trade Offers

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Dmitry Ruslan Korokov# Rusty 25 чер о 8:28 
This is crap, remove it now
Arrow 21 тра о 11:39 
please remove this and switch back to the regular trade
todorbninjao23 11 тра о 11:09 
Sir Doge The 420th 4 бер о 17:16 
this sucks, please remove valve
michalvr 3 бер о 8:16 
Ahoj napismi
€(**_**)ShAnKdUhDaNk(**_**)€ 27 лют о 15:22 
i hate this
Tsunami 17 лют о 1:38 
i am not getting my team captain
256Mini 13 січ о 10:06 
O.W.N SCOUT's kid got cheated? That must suck...
HaRRe 4 січ о 7:21 
h steam games w keys
КомеbacK 4 січ о 0:49 
Продам 87 вещей и ТF2 предложения в лс!
Ник в стиме КомеbacK
Sell 87 things and ТF2 suggestions in the message!
Nick the incentive КомеbacK