Introducing Trade Offers

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SUPER FAT SOLDIER 16 ต.ค. @ 2:10am 
my son has just beem cheated my a user named buble brothers, anyone that knows him?
Massiv wie dieser Rapper 29 ส.ค. @ 11:12am 
Ich habe: "Der Fluglotse" und "Die Hitze des Winters" zum tauschen gegen irgendwas von CSGO! Bei Interesse adden.
VokreS 23 ส.ค. @ 5:17am 
Borderlands 2 Game of the Year for 3 key. (ROW)
Ricco 27 เม.ย. @ 3:34am 
GO on our server) there will be gifts the most active players) IP )
MASTURBAH 11 เม.ย. @ 4:08am 
fack in pig
LVVrunner 1 ก.พ. @ 11:42am 
Trade Collector's Cow Mangler 5000
^^F.S.Dr.Win32 17 ม.ค. @ 12:32am 
German_turtle46 16 ม.ค. @ 1:56am 
anyone have a Strange silver botkiller medigun MK2?? i am willing to pay 1.66 ref?? anyone
Black-ice 27 พ.ย. 2013 @ 8:07am 
[GBID]~Outsourced~ Dat WEEN HYPE 23 พ.ย. 2013 @ 9:19am 
"The best part is, you don't even both have to be online at the same time now. You can make trades while you sleep! While you're having dinner! Even while you're going to the bathroom. All cards on the table here, pretty much the entire blog post up until this sentence was a preamble to us getting to tell you that you can trade TF items while going to the bathroom. Move over, reading a magazine! Take a hike, preparing dinner!"

That's right folks! Trade Offers now work when:
Hell freezes over!
Pigs fly!
Skynet becomes active!
First Black President! Future Update. Stay Tuned!