Team Fortress Comics #2 is Out!

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wolf the time traveler 10月11日下午2:09 
omg you can read tf comcis fro freee
A spooky scary skeleton 9月24日下午2:45 
where the hell is part 3?
McMuffin 9月19日下午7:47 
Wait For It To COme Out Hoovy You Unpatient Bitch
Event Horizon 9月4日上午5:37 
Yea Cant wait for third
BashfulSoul 9月2日上午11:37 
Cannot wait for the third part!
Spooky_Hoovy 9月1日上午12:46 
I read #2 now Where is #3 then??
King Darío 8月15日上午11:29 
Now where the hell is part 3?
deafrhino 8月10日下午11:47 
extremely cool
Sonic [Cz] 8月10日下午12:53 
[BF]♥♥Josiah Ivory(Jack)♥ 7月30日上午12:23 
i like this comic :D