Team Fortress 2

Big MvM Update!

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mattmc6 23 април 2014 в 12:00 следобед 
poor engie
Arlen 9 ноември 2012 в 4:23 следобед 
They're racing to the Sentry Gun
Dragu-San 8 ноември 2012 в 10:02 сутринта 
Poor engineer:/
MotionBurst 25 октомври 2012 в 8:02 следобед 
The frikin sentry busters mess up everything
SkepticBreach 24 октомври 2012 в 2:23 сутринта 
I hate those sentry busters and i wish they were easier to kill
Nøkkenbuer 24 октомври 2012 в 12:49 сутринта 
This update seems to apply specifically to those who play official campaigns that require paid tickets. That's very disappointing, considering how the regular Mann vs. Machine rounds have quickly grown mundane. I anticipate further updates in regards to MvM's less costly games nonetheless, though I wish I knew what Valve has planned.
the sheriff 'round these parts 22 октомври 2012 в 5:18 следобед 
Them sentry busters wanted the engi's botkiller
MAGOS GARGAMEL FIZZLEBRANCH 19 октомври 2012 в 4:31 следобед 
australia already does
ilyaskaddour 19 октомври 2012 в 1:21 следобед 
heck yeah
Ninja Cowboy 96 19 октомври 2012 в 12:12 сутринта 
Australia wants goddamn servers! This is REDICULOUS