Halloween is Only Fifty Days Away!

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UltraCole 9 Mai às 23:37 
i neeed it
{Spino-rexzillaEN25} 17 Mar às 19:39 
Lol this comment is to late. Lmafo. Now back before, XD.
Arlen 9 Nov, 2012 às 16:24 
Back in the days before the Halloween event.
Puddi Puddi 19 Out, 2012 às 14:41 
21 days left!
Qwibblez (Commis took my sound) 17 Out, 2012 às 13:18 
I think for this event tf2 should make it like MVM, Having waves and waves of robots after you. Only this time the horde is dead tf2 players destroyed robots the headless horseless horseman and monocolus and a new boss.
dvdd6™ 14 Out, 2012 às 14:43 
hopefully it is as good as last year or better
Perpetual DDF 13 Out, 2012 às 13:48 
dear steam you sould make skull killibg weps or pumkin killing weps and they could be strange or not strange but if you want ok if you dont I rly dont care ok so good luck at valve bye
Nova 9 Out, 2012 às 5:16 
October the 27th (for Americans) and October 28th (for Aussie/NZ). Can't wait!
-=GA. Blokh3d_MI [MI]=- 8 Out, 2012 às 14:56 
This is typically of a pathologically self centered individual..... (Piss on the 9999.9% and do what 1 want...) No matter what you want dude.... The rest of us truly look forward to to this every year..... BRING ON THE UPDATE!!!!! If you don't like the the updates inevitable arrival the simplest solution is to crawl back under you lonely little rock , keep your hating to yourself, and let the rest of us have some fun. :D
(dead.rabbits)vSwag 6 Out, 2012 às 6:27 
Tavish Look at the damn title 9/11