Team Fortress 2

TF2 Action Figures Are Out Now!

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rockhounddiva 7 Σεπ στις 9:20πμ 
not you
rockhounddiva 7 Σεπ στις 9:19πμ 
um scout, those are pyro and demoman
Freddy Fazbear 31 Αυγ στις 2:52μμ 
not only are there demo andpyro,there's also soldier,havy,engi,and spy!i have seen they on amazon
Freddy Fazbear 31 Αυγ στις 2:49μμ 
i have demo
Probably Not Star 29 Αυγ στις 6:38μμ 
Hmmm I think is 100 $ >:D
|M☣R|HasteezFTW 28 Ιουν στις 3:51μμ 
I have the Shpee n' Engie
Uncle of Anime 17 Ιουν στις 6:28πμ 
what do you get with added code inside?
Fb||Dapp0rWolf 6 Μαϊ στις 9:16πμ 
Also, HOW IS A BUNCH OF MERCINARIES TRYING TO KILL EACHOTHER *Magical fun for all ages* thats not a quote, thats just what i see when i look at the demoman
Fb||Dapp0rWolf 6 Μαϊ στις 9:15πμ 
this game just got turned from serious, to what happened with every game that got action figures.... MORE SQUEAKERS!!!!!!! GOD NO PLEASE NO NOO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
I am afraid 我就是上帝 6 Απρ στις 11:34μμ 
and now there fully turned the tf2 community into a bruch of children playing dress up with there barbie dolls!