New TF2 Short: "Expiration Date"

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noobtuber210 7 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา 
I do to

~Mr. Maverick~ 9 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา 
Love this so much! I hope they'll make more of these!
Sir And®oid 28 ก.ค. @ 10:33pm 
If you look at about the last 10 seconds of the short, theres pyro, with some... bread dog... thing... maybe valve is making a reference to the true 10th class?
Rusty 28 ก.ค. @ 7:11pm 
This short really makes me want to see a TF2 show.
danijela.savic.lukic 28 ก.ค. @ 12:52pm 
The bucket is the God Of TF2
painis cupcake 28 ก.ค. @ 7:23am 
spy piss cake hole
painis cupcake 28 ก.ค. @ 7:22am 
he todley ownd sout becuse he need flush rappy demo is funny the spy tryd to feed rappy
Griffon 28 ก.ค. @ 6:52am 
I followed in Soldier's footsteps, and teleported bread for about 4 months...I never saw it again after it went off to the big city...MAKE ME PROUD ;u;
WinterBane 28 ก.ค. @ 3:02am 
i eat bread for breakfast
WinterBane 28 ก.ค. @ 3:01am 
Why do valve make bread bad