New TF2 Short: "Expiration Date"

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Whiskey Rebellion 19 de Oct a las 13:52 
I would give Valve all my money if they made a full TV show out of the TF2 characters. That would be brilliant.
The Happy Lil Demon 19 de Oct a las 8:41 
love this short
FREDDY FAZBEAR 18 de Oct a las 12:49 
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SpypowerTürkiye 18 de Oct a las 10:01 
calaniz3 18 de Oct a las 9:25 
Humpey The Horse 17 de Oct a las 15:05 
Ender Rider 17 de Oct a las 7:56 
azur.vajraca 17 de Oct a las 3:46 
Well the video was great. But 1 exeption why does the scout get the most credit?
DenizAdar 17 de Oct a las 2:54 
amazing video
-W3E- MrAppleJacks 16 de Oct a las 15:47