New TF2 Short: "Expiration Date"

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Zeus Há 15 minutos 
poland ma tf2
lnwPeeM(TH) Há 20 horas 
Gumpyro The P2P Gibus Há 21 horas 
bread nipples
(Friendly Demoman) Assassin 21 Ago às 16:26 
Scout: I got a bucket of chicken want to do it. X3 lol
Evenworse 20 Ago às 5:44 
love the solider XD
Demolition 19 Ago às 4:52 
★UP Redkiller 19 Ago às 4:19 
They are just looking when Scout and Miss pauling are having some S.E.X i think :D
[#GIBUS] Tronald's Dump 18 Ago às 21:43 
Spy: This is a bucket
Soldier: Dear God...
Spy: Wait there's more...
Soldier: NO
Spy: wtf*
Need hats to feed my cats 18 Ago às 17:54 
I've done nothing but teleport bread for three days!
POtAToS 18 Ago às 8:41 
Scout: Youl look..... Demo: DRUNK!. TF2 in a nut shell