New TF2 Short: "Expiration Date"

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smccluney_new 14 godz. temu 
By the way, the best part of the video:

"Our first dying wish is Scout's. He's... drawn a picture of me getting hit by a car. I have something radiating off of me." "Yeah. Those are stinkl ines. That's what they call them because he smells." "Yes, I see." "I am crying, and the Eiffel Tower has some stink lines coming off of it. DID ANYONE BESIDES SCOUT PUT THE CAR INTO THE BUCKET?!?!" "Oh, man! Classic Scout!" {:<{P
smccluney_new 14 godz. temu 
I was writing a censored version of this video, which removes mild language and sexual themes. It is not done yet, but it is getting close.

And speaking of which, I cannot believe how Team Fortress 2 would allow the "do it" innuendo/quote when using the bucket of chicken taunt, even though the ESRB has not rated the game for sexual themes. Valve, you had better listen to this, or I might put up your game for good!
sheediasantos 27 Lis - 9:05 
Muito loko esse jogo RECOMENDO(RECOMEND) melhor jogo de tiro do país!!
♫ 13r- 26 Lis - 17:53 
seduce me
Honey Dijon Mustard 26 Lis - 15:47 
Cool story, bro!
Now make me a *cuts rest of meme, inserts Scout* bucket a chicken!
Rainbow Dash 26 Lis - 12:47 
the funniest thing ever "this is a bucket" "dear god!" "theres more" "NO!"
Pericles 25 Lis - 9:49 
Thats how my mother met my father.... The we both got the same thing.
alex ;) 24 Lis - 6:32 
5 бАЛОВ !!!!
karpenkovs 24 Lis - 3:51 
ахерэнскае игра
filip.dukovski 23 Lis - 14:56 
i love this video "hey we both got bucket of chicken wanna do it"