New TF2 Short: "Expiration Date"

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Inferjoe 29. okt @ 3:14pm 
They should make more of these
An old confederate wizard 28. okt @ 11:08pm 
makes me realy want to have a TF2 tv show!
CireusOne 26. okt @ 12:53pm 
Great video
aaron 26. okt @ 6:45am 
Someone please make a mode where we fight that bread monster thing
allenpayad 26. okt @ 4:00am 
nice video keep it up!
mrs.angie33 24. okt @ 10:31pm 
what is happing
Tobor242 24. okt @ 7:56pm 
So many easter eggs in so many short films of games!
Dr.Morgan 23. okt @ 7:52pm 
even tho probably every one would play as miss pualing should be a playable class
Dr.Morgan 23. okt @ 7:43pm 
are there any more of these ? i would love to know more of the TF2 story if any one out there can help expalin stuff please mesage me
chickenrubgaming 23. okt @ 4:32am 
This should be a youtube series.