New TF2 Short: "Expiration Date"

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Honey Dijon Mustard před 1 hodinou 
Cool story, bro!
Now make me a *cuts rest of meme, inserts Scout* bucket a chicken!
Pinkie Pie před 4 hodinami 
the funniest thing ever "this is a bucket" "dear god!" "theres more" "NO!"
Pericles 25. lis. v 9.49 dop. 
Thats how my mother met my father.... The we both got the same thing.
alex ;) 24. lis. v 6.32 dop. 
5 бАЛОВ !!!!
karpenkovs 24. lis. v 3.51 dop. 
ахерэнскае игра
filip.dukovski 23. lis. v 2.56 odp. 
i love this video "hey we both got bucket of chicken wanna do it"
xXEarthReverseXx 23. lis. v 12.02 odp. 
Soo Good

'Want a bucket of Chicken?'
slenderman2455 23. lis. v 10.22 dop. 
When i saw this video i laughed so hard
TF_Combat_Enjoi™ 23. lis. v 9.05 dop. 
stamatis360 23. lis. v 3.22 dop. 
very funny