The Australian Christmas Update is HERE!

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Tf2 Freak 30 apr 2012 om 8:37vm 
tf2 is awesome Angelofdeath
Жопный Лук 4 mrt 2012 om 1:56vm 
Акция от steam нам 10 лет! вы можете получить игру бесплатно!
(+∩-) Crovax 1 feb 2012 om 8:07nm 
Sure wish I didn't crash every 20 minutes!
corn 1 feb 2012 om 8:04nm 
Motherfucker I was first on the scoreboard and I crashed. Fix your fucking game.
Toxic 10 jan 2012 om 4:09nm 
TF2 sucks, just saying. I only joined this group to say that :P
Упругий КоТ 2 jan 2012 om 11:00nm 
Dear founders Team Fortress 2, it would be good to add in TF2 new Submachine Gun for the sniper. I think, that for the demolition man of swords it is a lot of, and for the sniper there is not enough small arms.
The Great Fucknut of Norway 2 jan 2012 om 5:08nm 
2 rec i think
Adolecent Anal 1 jan 2012 om 1:49nm 
thats a horiible trade
PurpleOwl 30 dec 2011 om 9:11vm 
trading sun on a stic for spy sikel