Supreme Commander 2

Patch 1.15

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SwiftBlizz 14 июл. 2010 в 6:24 
I still cant join online games and noone can join me... WTF :( --- I can port forward but there are no ports to forward.
Blind 20 июн. 2010 в 6:03 
FINALY I can save those rare skirmishes when no mater how good you are they WILL NOT DIE
CaptainYOLO 19 июн. 2010 в 12:31 
You MUST have the internet to play this game I believe ..Yeah that is dumb I know only if THQ was still in charge this would be alot better
swat_team777 14 июн. 2010 в 17:24 
hey how do I play the game once steam has downloaded it?
Voltfire 12 июн. 2010 в 10:50 
New formations would be very good my Adaptors are always go in the background so my Loyalists are non covered
|Pro|M1cr0 10 июн. 2010 в 22:38 
nice patch, but i hope, that we will see new maps soon
HeavyChainGunner 5 июн. 2010 в 14:22 
Finally able to save those epic skirmish games. Good job. (if a little late)
captaintino00 4 июн. 2010 в 20:17 
well, the good things i can say about this update are the artillery updates, the proto-brain update, (makes it more viable) illuminate ACU upgrades, and good AI updates. YES! this is a counter-comment to all you pessimists...
Toasteddude 4 июн. 2010 в 7:42 
FINALLY! Skirmish save. About time...
=BPT= Lu_Xun_17 4 июн. 2010 в 0:05 
one more useless patch T_T Who's player both play ia games and look at new patches ?