Patch 1.15

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MechanoSage 2010年7月14日 6時24分 
I still cant join online games and noone can join me... WTF :( --- I can port forward but there are no ports to forward.
Blind 2010年6月20日 6時03分 
FINALY I can save those rare skirmishes when no mater how good you are they WILL NOT DIE
CaptainYOLO 2010年6月19日 12時31分 
You MUST have the internet to play this game I believe ..Yeah that is dumb I know only if THQ was still in charge this would be alot better
swat_team777 2010年6月14日 17時24分 
hey how do I play the game once steam has downloaded it?
PzychoGER 2010年6月12日 10時50分 
New formations would be very good my Adaptors are always go in the background so my Loyalists are non covered
|Pro|M1cr0 2010年6月10日 22時38分 
nice patch, but i hope, that we will see new maps soon
♠RP♠ HeavyChainGunner 2010年6月5日 14時22分 
Finally able to save those epic skirmish games. Good job. (if a little late)
Varaxis 2010年6月5日 7時23分 
I wish I wouldn't have to open Stats (F2) and Minimap at the start of every game... it would be great to have the UI be set to remember that at least. Also, I miss "shownetstats". I hate playing games that are laggy from the start and SupCom2 players have an unusually high tolerance for it.
captaintino00 2010年6月4日 20時17分 
well, the good things i can say about this update are the artillery updates, the proto-brain update, (makes it more viable) illuminate ACU upgrades, and good AI updates. YES! this is a counter-comment to all you pessimists...
Toasteddude 2010年6月4日 7時42分 
FINALLY! Skirmish save. About time...