Steam Workshop for Skyrim Now Available

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Ven-Ci.Grushka 9/jun/2013 às 4:58 
danijuega1 6/fev/2013 às 6:32 
algunos funcinan con la url anterior . mirar AKI SALEN ALGUNOS ENLAZADOS EN LA DESCRIPCION:

danijuega1 6/fev/2013 às 6:30 
donde estan los mods? chicos que a pasado , yo tengo los enlaces en mis videos de youtube y algunos funcionan de hecho hoy me he suscrito a 3 articulos (casas y funcionan) probrar os dejo enlace. pero vamos que que les pasa a estos. que estan tolay o q? pa ke los kitan?dnd estan?
tragedypoet 11/ago/2012 às 6:57 
Why are about 90% of the mods "removed by the author" ?
SweDuck 13/jul/2012 às 22:00 
My fav workshop. :)
Gabriel Caine 14/jun/2012 às 6:15 
hey guess this is a bit late now but hope someone reads this can anyone give me some advice on the load orders for the mods so i dont get too much trouble thanks in advance
♫♫Tapz lil boy ♫♫ 10/mar/2012 às 7:55 
@Mel Gibson the 50 mod "limit" is actually a bug. We are working with Bethesda to fix the issue was quickly as possible. There are some work-arounds that involve unsubscribing from enough mods to get under 50 and then subscribing to the other ones you want. The unsubscribed mods should still stay on your hard drive. Once we resolve the issue, you can re-subscribe to them to get the latest updates. But hopefully we will have it resolved soon. Thank you for your patienc
♫♫Tapz lil boy ♫♫ 10/mar/2012 às 7:53 
vergonzoso dices Siko? te regalan una utilidad que no tendrían ni por qué hacerlo y podrían cobrarte por dlcs como hacen todos, y tu dices vergonzoso? Quieres que hasta te traduzcan el programa? guste o no, si los que lo hicieron son de habla inglesa, su programa estará en inglés, si quieres que haya un tuto en castellano, pues ten la iniciativa de hacerlo tu mismo no crees? Manda narices que saquen algo así y alguien pueda decir que porque no haya un tuto en su idioma, es motivo de
♫♫Tapz lil boy ♫♫ 10/mar/2012 às 7:52 
How do I turn off the Steam Workshop loader?
Mods get updated: this changes the date and any personal work that has been done on the mod is lost if one subscribes through Steam. It also will not load the SKSE properly. I subsribed to several of the Workshop mods to check how Steam handles them. I didn't like it so I turned it off; HOWEVER the Steam workshop and loader still identifies them and error messages me that they are not loading. I check into the Steam Workshop and sure enough I have no mods subscribed.
Please, please, please tell me how to disable your workshop loader?