Sol Survivor Editor - released for the first time ever!

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Happeh 2013年8月18日上午1:53 
So it can only be used to create Multiplayer maps? It cannot be used to create a new single player campaign?
Oblivio 2013年8月12日上午9:45 
Level editor + scripts for the original campaign maps were a welcome surprise. Has anyone proposed a Sol Survivor Greenlight Campaign pack? Is that even possible and/or allowed?
dean17 2013年7月30日上午10:16 
how do i increase the camera clipping distance
Mister Gravity 2013年7月27日下午8:55 
I learned how to use it and made my very first map, "Let God Sort 'Em Out!"

Check out the article on Cadenza's forum to read about it.
härjaren 2013年7月26日上午8:49 
Fantastic! Gives us hope for Sol Survivor Too :>
redknightalex 2013年7月25日上午5:34 
Another reason to come back to this game. Fantastic news!
patrickengels 2013年7月17日下午7:12 
Thank you very much !
Breanna 2013年7月16日下午6:39 
Creepy Pie 2013年7月16日上午8:55 
Woha, what? That's so cool! Thanks devs!
Congregate 2013年7月16日上午1:12 
very cool