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Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45

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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam - Media Recap & Information

Greetings Red Orchestra & Darkest Hour fans! In case you've missed it, there is a sequel to Rising Storm coming and we want to make sure you all are aware. Rising Storm 2 takes place in Vietnam during the 1960's. Please add RS2: Vietnam to your wishlist!

Official Website[]

Don't forget to follow the Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Steam Group!

And now for the media recap!

M37 Ithaca - Pistol Grip


Improved Ragdolls


M8 Smoke Grenade - Now effected by wind!


M79 - Also with buckshot[/b]


MD-82 Toe-Popper


C4 Explosive


Tripwire Trap


M34 White Phosphorus Grenade


XM-21 Sniper Rifle


Baikal IZH-43 Double Barrel Shotgun


As a reminder, we will be doing a streaming panel at PAX West - so make sure to follow us to keep up with the latest news!

Official Website[rs2vietnam.com]
Steam Community

We have a closed beta sign up form[tripwireinteractive.us2.list-manage.com] that has slowly been working its way around. We still do not have an official start date for the closed beta but we will keep everyone updated on when this will happen. We will be inviting a limited number of people, but we will have several phases and multiple ways to get a key as we ramp up towards the final release of the game.
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