Darkest Hour Update - Version 5.0 - Also a Call to arms for Facebookers

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Vassili Zaitsev 29 Mar, 2012 às 5:53 
How do I solve the problem can not play Red Orchestra 1 in multiplay
Jazzman136 8 Mar, 2012 às 10:29 
Hello guys. I do not have much money for now. And i reallyyyyy want Red Orchestra Ostfront 41-45 game. if someone can gift it to me, can you add me to friends? :))) thank you so much.,
⌘Ørtona43␘ 10 Nov, 2011 às 7:02 
Cmon gamers... need more people playing "Dino D Day " such a cool fun game! New update, Dino's & stuff.
AnMor95 2 Ago, 2011 às 16:39 
i take it ppl still play this,im asking cause im thinking of buying it
Leb 23 Jun, 2011 às 8:21 
does anyone have free guest passes? I'd like to try this game before HoS comes out :)
Amazingredd ™ 6 Mai, 2011 às 15:00 
niceee, 3gb update wow, but nice, cant wait to fnish n get in the battlefield
Comrade Roe 6 Mai, 2011 às 14:42 
RO2 needs to come out faster. From what I've seen, the bugs would be unnoticeable because it looks so AWESUM and FUN.
Cpt. Karma 6 Mai, 2011 às 14:25 
done voting OIAHKBUJVNKMNLÆMK now im awesome and TWI owe's me a cookie!
-[SiN]-OneBloodyHero 6 Mai, 2011 às 14:18 
?????? This is not TWI, this is a mod created by group of RO community memebers... this has nothing to do with KF
Agrael |UKCS| 6 Mai, 2011 às 14:14 
11 New Maps. Nice..But Need more update to KF :D