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Better Red Than Dead

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Mars is your set piece. Grab your sledgehammer and take back Mars for the people.

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Dear Red Faction community,

first of all, a big think you to you all - Steam announced all the Nominees for the Steam Awards 2017 yesterday. Due to your help and support, we are happy to say that Red Faction Guerrilla is among the Nominees for the "Cry Havoc And Let Slip The Dogs of War" Award.

On December 28, starting 10 am PST time, we can now bring this to an end and start voting for the game we love for being the winner of that category.

The “Cry Havoc And Let Slip The Dogs of War” Award
The Bard said it best. This game doesn't necessarily offer the biggest explosions... it offers something better. Potential. Potential to be a rampaging force of nature. Or not. Who knows. You're an agent of chaos and no one is going to tell you what to do.

We would feel honored if Red Faction Guerrilla gets your vote in that final round.

The whole THQ Nordic team already wishes you Merry Christmas and happy holidays with your families and friends.

Cheers & Thank you very much
Your THQ Nordic Team
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