Changing your region is recommended to ease the matchmaking in multiplayer.

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www.mohsenzamany 2012年1月16日上午12:49 
InFamous1 2010年9月21日上午11:53 
ruse should fix this issue their wernt issues with the betas why not stick with that server set up
once the game is released usually they fix big issues like this considering how many time the release was pushed back great game needs japan & the water battles is a jip but maybe allow people in this chat 2 b able 2 add each other so gamerz can at least find other gamers till you fix the problem if ever
BR0ADSW0RD 2010年9月17日下午11:27 
will i lag out if i'm from usa?
}SoC{Scorch 2010年9月17日下午3:13 
Hey everone. I am just another huge wwii history buff. Please add me as a friend so we can play ruse :D
DamonPhilipp2 2010年9月17日下午1:19 
Jagaimo 2010年9月17日上午6:57 
Russia-Central has been quite good too.
Vladimir Putin 2010年9月17日上午6:47 
yeah i have already been doing that, Hope you guys come out with a fix soon, its getting annoying having to restart steam everytime I want to switch games lol.
Arka ツツツツツ 2010年9月17日上午6:40 
ok thought something was wrong :P