VIP Beta: details about the corrective update

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D[o]N 13/dez/2009 às 0:12 
Very Nice ! :)
PrussianWarfare 10/dez/2009 às 20:38 
Yay, cool update
Dune5712 10/dez/2009 às 18:40 
oui...did they release FR?
[GST] HanUss 10/dez/2009 às 9:12 
A quand la France ?
Macklaud 10/dez/2009 às 6:53 
Geting in shape i see... the hype is growing and so the expectations!
-UKA- Djstoney2000 10/dez/2009 às 5:59 
looking good
EmpireErwinRommel 10/dez/2009 às 4:24